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Rev. Kristin Soveran

Luther Heights and Intermediate Care Home

Luther Seniors Centre

(306) 664-0381 or (306) 361-8545

Rev. Heather Anderson

The Village at Stonebridge & Intermediate Care Home

(306) 664-0501 ext 225

Luther Tower and Intermediate Care Home

(306) 664-0327

Rev. Íris Kristjánsdóttir

Luther Special Care Home

(306) 664-0364

Rev. Renita Falkenstern

Luther Riverside Terrace & Intermediate Care Home

(306) 664-1250 ext 224

Rev. Greg Fowlie-Neufeld

Group Homes

(306) 260-7410

LutherCare seeks volunteers

LutherCare Communities is compiling a list of people who is able to help at Luther Special Care Home. During a pandemic, situations may arise where large numbers of staff may be unable to attend work for a period of time. A component part of our planning is for situations where staffing levels would drop significantly. We are creating a database of individuals who would be prepared to assist with providing care if the help was needed in emergent situations (for example, when 30% of staff are unavailable).

If you, or someone you know, are willing to help, please contact our Manager of Volunteers, Meghan Ritchie ( or 306-664-0323) to let her know. Info to provide